Why Choose us

  • Trained professional staff
    Our key responsibility is to provide young people with the skills that they will need to live, learn and work independently.

  • Better Facilities
    Our homes are designed with users in mind and we want residents to feel the welcoming, comfortable and warm environment.

Our Aim

Here at Montrose Living, every child's family is unique. We can help families to work on their relationships and improve understanding of each other's perspectives.

  • Drug Abuse prevention & treatment.
  • Assessment consultation
  • Adolescent and family services
  • Guided self-change
  • Accommodation
  • Safeguarding
  • Governance
About us

Our Services

What we can provide

Educational Trips

We understand that a young person’s education is a vital part of their childhood and development. It is recognised that young people that come to live in our homes have had a disrupted education and may struggle to engage. It is an expectation that all of our young people have an education provision in place. Incentive schemes are put in place for young people working towards key targets, such as GCSEs. Young people’s learning experiences, self- esteem, confidence, value and self-worth are promoted by external activities such as visits to museums and theatres, art, culture, sports and adventure activities.

Support Package

Montrose Living aims to offer a comprehensive service to contracting authorities as permitted by legislation and to provide advice, support, guidance and assistance. Montrose Living believes that each individual is unique and requires different levels of support at different stages in their lives. At Montrose Living, we offer a range of options for support to suit each individual needs of the young person ranging from medium or high support.

If the young person is approaching 18 years of age, we will support them with applying for benefits. We will work with Social Services by providing and sharing information, work in partnership with the Local authority, Private and other Social Housing providers to source move-on accommodation. We will provide monthly reports to the social worker and offer daily updates if there are any changes in circumstances or incidents. In addition, we also endeavor to ensure young people’s emotional needs are being met by supporting them to attend CAMHS appointments or counseling with organisation such as Emerge Mental health services

We also provide floating support services to young people 16 to 21 years

Within our supporting package we aim to assist in the following;
• Independent Skills – We will help each individual develop their skill to perform everyday tasks such as budgeting, cleaning, cooking, shopping, personal hygiene, etc.
• Education, Employment & Training– We will have a list of all colleges and providers within our locality. We will assist in sourcing appropriate courses, completing application forms and liaising with the college once the young person has been offered a place.
• Support with Health and Emotional well being- Offer a range of interventions that provide physical and emotional well being and signpost to appropriate resources where necessary.
• GP’s, Dentists & Opticians – Assist young people in registering and support them to attend appointments
• Solicitors - Where needed to handle their asylum claim or other issues, will assist in finding appropriate legal representatives and help them to understand British law if they are not familiar with the country’s basic legalities.
• Cultural and Community Organisations – Our aim is to make young people feel comfortable within their environment by referring them to cultural/community organisations that provide support around their respective cultures. We also work with organisations such as Afruca
• Social and Recreational Activities - Help them to build relationships and feel a sense of community within their surroundings. Inform them of local cinemas, cafes/restaurants, and social clubs to promote independent living. Also assist young people to access libraries, homework clubs and language clubs, etc.
• Accommodation– Young people will be accommodated in semi-independent living in a shared house, which offers a safe and nurturing environment, with experienced staff on-site to support.


Montrose Living offers accommodation and varying levels of semi-independent support with a view to ensuring that young people leave our care as resilient, self-sufficient, aspirational individuals, equipped with the skills to achieve long term successful independence.

We ensure that the accommodation has appropriate health and safety checks and certificates, and make sure appliances are working safely.

Our accommodation consist of specialist 24-hour staffed accommodation for young people aged 16-21. The nature of accommodation helps to equip young people with the life skills necessary to live independently.

Our Typical House Standards

Our houses are maintained to a high standard comprising of modern cooking facilities. The kitchens are equipped with cooker, microwave, fridge freezer, kettle, toaster, sandwich maker and washing machine. All houses also have well-maintained gardens.

Bedrooms are fully furnished and young people are provided, with bed linen, towels, alarm clock and their own kitchenware when they move in.

Residents are expected to do their own laundry, cooking, and tidying of their rooms and communal areas. Training and support in carrying out the above tasks will however be provided by project support staff.

All young people are provided with keys to their own rooms.

Young people also receive a resident’s handbook providing everything they need to know about living at Montrose Living Supported accommodation; as well as a comprehensive induction within their first two days in placement. Calls to Social Workers or other professionals can be made from the office telephone, upon request to support staff.


Admissions Criteria Young people should:

• Be 16 to 18 years
• Be a care leaver under the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000
• Assessed as a child in need by Social Services, Children Act 1989 (sec17)
• Have semi-independent support needs
• Be committed to working towards independence in a structured way
• Be engaged in or be prepared to be involved in positive daytime activity

Unaccompanied Children

Unaccompanied children are amongst the most vulnerable in the country. They have often lived through years of trauma and arrive profoundly affected by what they have witnessed. Many face great uncertainty and survive in an unfamiliar context, with strange habits, rules, language and culture. They find themselves alone and in need of care, protection, and support to deal with the effects of severe trauma and mental health issues.

• At Montrose Living Services for Children we undertake assessments to recognise and understand the individual child/young person’s needs to form a program of intensive work. These determine the psychological and/or emotional impact of experiences as an unaccompanied child.

• Assessments will also include the child’s needs in relation to their health, disability, education, legal requirements, religious beliefs, racial origin, culture and linguistic background.

• We work with multi agencies and experts to provide therapeutic input to support, empower them to achieve, provide continuity of care and safe accommodation to promote stability.


I am more than satisfied with the support.

I am happy with the accommodation and support which was offered by Montrose Living. I have managed to reconnect with my family.


I was very impressed with the standards of accommodation.

I was very impressed with the standard of accommodation that is offered by Montrose Living. Living with young people.